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  • Unknown says:

    If you're even remotely considering a remodel (really of any size or kind), hands down, I would ask Kaneo-san again. This is my bathroom and this was our remodel. My own father worked for more than 50 yrs in residential home construction and his speciality was bathrooms and during MANY a summer, I helped him. While my dad was good, Kaneo-san is a true master at his craft. We're talking an entirely different level! Kaneo-san's level of expertise and attention to detail simply floored me. I mean, things like, I've never seen grout lines so straight and so narrow! He also told me things that I would never in a million years consider, like how he determines the correct height for handles, toilet paper holders and the like. His passion and love shows in how much time he spends thinking about his work.
    To top it off, Kaneo-san also checked in with us after each day to see what we thought. While my dad paid close attention to detail, experiencing Kaneo-san's work was like seeing an artist. Oh also Kaneo-san made me laugh CONSTANTLY in Japanese. His sense of humor and stories are the best! ABSOLUTELY RECOMMENDED!

  • N. Tanaka says:

    匠の技、まさにそんな仕上がりのバスルームリモデルをTK Homeの金夫さんに手掛けて頂き、毎日大満足で至福のバスタイムを楽しんでおります。細部までの精密さ、丁寧さとこだわりが感じとれるそんな空間に仕上がり大変ハッピーです。的確なアドバイスと判断で綿密な相談にのって頂けたのもプロフェッショナルな金夫さんだからと感謝しています。工程通りの工期、なにより誠実な仕事ぶりに、気持ちの良い対応と連携で、日中は私達は仕事で不在でしたが金夫さんには安心して全てお任せする事ができました。本当に有難うございました!また新たなプロジェクトの際には宜しくお願い致します!N.T.

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