“Mr. Kaneo, It was truly a great decision to entrust you with our bathroom remodel. Enjoy a relaxing time with your family in Japan. Merry Christmas!

“Mr. Kaneo, I understand that working during the unprecedented experience of the pandemic (COVID-19) posed various challenges, and I appreciate your flexibility in handling them. Thank you very much. We are delighted that the entire family is pleased with the wonderful kitchen. We will cherish it and look forward to your visit anytime.”

“Mr. Kaneo, Thank you for completing the much-anticipated deck. It looks incredibly stylish, and our home appears even more charming. We anticipate spending a lot of time on the deck this summer. It feels like we’ve gained an extra room, and the children are thrilled. They have been witnessing Mr. Kaneo’s work up close, so it’s truly touching for them. We consider ourselves lucky to be able to entrust Mr. Kaneo with a deck that only he could create. Although it may be a gradual process, we hope to enhance our home bit by bit. The next major project on our list is the Japanese-style bath. We understand Mr. Kaneo is highly sought after, and while he may be busy, we’ll patiently wait. Thank you very much for creating such a fantastic deck. We look forward to working with you in the future.”

“Thank you very much for creating the wonderful Japanese-style bath. The design fits perfectly with our home, and it has made our daily bath time enjoyable. The children are also thrilled. Since our house is old, we anticipate needing your assistance many times in the future. Please continue to support us, and we look forward to a lasting relationship.”

“Thank you so much for helping us fulfill our dream. As a couple, this was our first major project and we lacked both experience and knowledge, and the budget was quite tight. However, we had many aspirations, and bringing everything together to make it a reality seemed like an extremely challenging task. Nevertheless, Mr. Kaneo consistently provided professional work from the start to completion. Whenever there were things, we didn’t understand, you explained them patiently. You sensed our family’s composition and needs, proposed ideas, and always seemed to keep the homeowner’s perspective in mind while progressing with the work. Your subcontractors also had high pride and were all diligent in their work. We hope for TK HOME’s further growth and prosperity through Mr. Kaneo’s personality and skills. Thank you so much for everything this time!”

“Takeshi-san, thank you for building the Japanese-style bath!! Merry Xmas!”

“Can you believe it? The Japanese-style bath is really done! I’ve been reminiscing about everything from the end of summer until today. Starting the day with a cheerful greeting, coming in the middle of the night to set up a rain cover, chatting a lot even when you are busy, showing kindness to the kids, working until the date changes, expressing concern for my injury, beautifully finishing the tiles, taking the time to redo and worked until you are satisfied, climbing the stairs and working tirelessly while out of breath, enduring and pushing through even when injured and bleeding, brightening up the house with many poinsettias as a gift, from the end of August until today, I could occasionally hear your cheerful “Lets do this!!” as you worked. It was wonderful to see the spirit of a true craftsman. I suddenly felt lonely after the construction was over. But now, the Japanese-style bath that you created is shining brightly. We will cherish it dearly. Truly, thank you so much. From now on, let’s have a long-lasting friendship. Thank you Takeshi-san!”