1. Meeting

Introducing,Site visit,budgeting,work order detail with Client.

2. Client,Contractor and Architect Meeting (If permit requires)

Meeting with the Architect and discuss about exterior ,floor plans,structure plan to meet budget and wishes.

3. Plan Review

Plan review with Architect. Detail revision will be made at this point.

4. Final Plan Review

Final plan review before submitting to City.

5. Building Permit

Submitting plans to City for permit.

6. Details

Getting finish detail for estimate.

7. Estimate

Provide Client estimate sheet.

8. Contract

Verify and sign contract.

9. Construction

After receiving permit start construction.

10. Inspection

Framing,Plumbing,Electrical,Mechanical,etc rough inspection.After passing rough inspection proceed to finish work.

11. Mid Term Meeting

Verify with Client for detail,change order.

12. Final Inspection

Framing,Plumbing,Electrical,Mechanical,etc final inspection.

13. Completion

Congratulation !!